Bridging the gap between creator and opportunity

Over a decade of experience, we connect top brands to a wide network of online creators, ensuring the right fit and results.

A better way to engage

Originating as content creators we pride ourselves on our experience and service, it's why we're trusted by so many.

  • Unique Approach

    Our passion and almost a decade long experience gives us a unique edge into new media, offering a clear but effective strategy.

  • Creative Solutions

    With an experienced team we build strategies and deliver unique, and targeted creator activations ensuring optimal results.

  • Exclusive Representation

    Directly representing some of the top online creators, offering immediate access and competitive budgets. Cut out the middle man.

  • Proprietary Analytics Software

    Our proprietary software allows us to pull analytics data dynamically with on-demand access to key demographics and other unique data-points.

Levity Media
"Levity Media has been incredibly accommodating and adaptable to my workflow as a content creator. They studied exactly what kind of content I create and were able to find great sponsorship opportunities designed specifically for my channel and my audience."
2 million+ subscribers

Brands we've worked with

Dollar Shave Club
Gainjin Entertainment
Electronic Arts
Ubisoft Entertainment SA
Epic Games
2K Games
Activision Blizzard

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